Will Good Evening Sir Letter Ever Rule the World?


When in doubt, lean on the side of being a little more traditional to avoid annoying someone who could perceive your greeting as a lack of respect. United States: it reminds many people of the draft notices young men got during the Vietnam War.

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With all of these, make sure you have a comma at the end of the line, as in the examples above.

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It should be used with care because it can be otherwise perceived as patronizing or inappropriate, depending on the difference in age or social status. Long time no see! Alternatively, write two letters.

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Evening is a good time to look back at the day and think about all the good things you have done.

Sir letter + What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn't Tell You Good Sir Letter

In a new paragraph, state the purpose of your business communication before moving onto the body of the letter.

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Wives of such individuals also typically assume the title of Lady.
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